Project we made with magic and passion. It found right away the perfect owners.

When we build, we try to design with different ideas and with our own style. Because we believe that there is always somebody that matches the right energy of the house.



Our Tulum inspired house, it is a very unique project since we traveled a lot around Mexico and tried to express us with all of these ideas represented in Falco 13.

We made this Passive house with the according certifications, because we believe that in the time we live ,we should be more aware of natural energies and sources. We always try to use the most sustainable materials and evolve step by step to reach the best point of efficiency and sustainability.




Our own home, we started with this project and fell In love with the process. Made us realize how important small details are.

Small space to construct but we used every meter to build the most practical and comfortable house. We made this a wood house and a more sustainable house.