In 2006 we came from Germany to this wonderful island. And I began to work in Real Estate.To find properties for clients. I always worked in a different way. Personal and on my own, with selected clients. For me was always important that I create a good connection to my clients…. And my clients to me.

When I started to build my home, I found my passion in this. I understood what it means to build from scratch an own home. It is not just a house , it is a home. And this was the start of a new branch of my work.

Finding the right piece of land, drawing the house with a good architect team. Choosing the right materials and finally to build with the right construction company. That was the beginning of a new kind of work. After finishing our own home, I found a nice piece of land and I made the same again. With the same intentions, as it would be for us, I went again through all the steps.
At that point Falco 10 was born continuously Falco 13.

Also our newest project “Fuster 8”, what we started to build a few months ago. All our projects are in Genova. A wonderful beautiful village. We feel welcome here, a combination of nature and slow progress. A mix of mallorquin neigbors, but also people from all over the world. Respecting each other and living together in harmony. We are close to Palma, but we have here an own community called Genova.
We like to finish our projects till the end. Without thinking who will buy the house. Because we believe that there will be someone, who will love it.




"I saw the chance to keep forward with what my mother has been building up the last years and felt inspired to enter and learn from her. Together we build a mother and daughter team. I believe it's a chance to introduce new generation and fresh ideas to somebody that has been working on her own for quite a bit. Very intrigued how it is going little by little and always trying to contribute small footprints".


"I think it is a parents dream, when kids are following our steps. Honestly I never thought about it and that's why I am even more happy that my daughter is sharing this passion with me, and I can see that my work and creation will go on.... with new intentions, new views, but same goal. After years that I have been working alone, of course it is a big change and challenge to teach but at the same time is a real honor"



We work with CEL-RAS, a team that works from Valencia.

José Luis Domenech, not only our general architect also became our friend through the time. What could be nicer than working with friends.
We started 2017 with the drawings for our own home. José Luis and his team were able to understand what we liked and they were able to implement it. They found solutions for everything and they understood that we really were creating our home.
Cozy, individual, a place for feeling well, for feeling safe, for enjoying as family but also celebrating with friends. They supported us at any time.
The process of creating and building a home is a journey. Not always an easy one. And sure a long one… how great to do this journey with friends.
We enjoyed a lot of good moments while that process. Long meetings, creating, drawing, looking for solutions, choosing materials… always with a smile.

No doubt that I found the perfect team for creating more wonderful homes.

Thank you José Luis & your amazing team


"Thanks to clients (and friends) like Claudia and Kessi, we have found our authentic space within the world of architecture: that which speaks from the heart. Thank you for sharing your ideas and dreams and helping us make this world a better place together."

Jose Luis Domenech


Carlos Martinez and his team was the perfect match in combination with the architects. Working with family feeling. Together we found solutions for everything. No idea was too crazy or difficult for them. Carlos and his team built our home and all following projects.

I found a lot of my ideas and inspirations while my travels trough Mexico, my paradise and source of ideas. And of course I was sending all this pictures and images from that travels to Carlos and José Luis. When they were overfloted with my pics of ideas , they decided to go with me to Mexico to see in real all that ideas and to find the materials.
What an adventure !!!! We came back full with ideas, contacts, good memories and good energy … and they understood even more, for what I was looking for my projects.
The perfect team was created and we are working now on our 4. common project.

Great time, great work
Thank you Carlos, Josu, David and team.

“Delicacy, respect, balance, love and magic” these are the ingredients of a project that was born in Claudia's hand. Working alongside is continuous learning, both professional and personal. Only great projects can come from good people. Thank you Claudia and Kess for trusting us"

Carlos Martinez